We are experts in land acquisition for energy development.

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Helping Britain achieve renewable energy for our future.

Our Aim

We bring together, into one team, our expertise in all the services necessary to support and advise clients on their sustainability and carbon strategies, and assist them on the best use of technologies to invest in for optimal return.

What We Do

Drana Beauty uses its expertise in land acquisition, to help our clients get the most from their assets after property, with a dedicated team for each of our service areas.

From industrial and energy development to agency acquisition and disposal, investment advice, or asset management, we bring together the expertise you need at each stage of the process.

We have been working in the energy and infrastructure sectors for years’ providing advice to large corporate clients on a range to energy projects: solar, peak power and battery being the main technologies.

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Solar Energy

Solar PV as it is commonly referred to, is the world’s fastest-growing renewable technology. The solar panels harness energy from the sun with the solar cells producing Direct Current electricity.

The development of solar farms helps promote biodiversity at a time where many wildlife species are under threat and in decline. Solar farms are mostly isolated from human impact, as well as causing less than 5% disturbance to the ground allowing the remainder of the land to be used for plant growth and wildlife regeneration including new hedgerows, field margins and wildflower meadows.

Ideally to build a solar project we would need over 10 acres of land, due to the abundance of land required we usually see these projects on agricultural farmland.

Peak Power

These facilities generate electricity using natural gas and they can reach full power generation within 5 minutes. 

They by-pass the transmission system delivering power directly to local distribution networks. Flexible electricity generation neatly bridges the gap between environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels and intermittent solar and wind power.

Ideally, for these projects, 0.5+ acres of land is required, preferably on industrial or brownfield away from residential areas.

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Battery storage

Battery Energy

Energy storage has a vital role to play in the large scale deployment of renewable technologies. The batteries help balance the peaks and troughs by storing and then releasing power, when required. Energy storage is widely accepted to be essential to help the UK achieve its zero-carbon targets.

Again landowner requirements are similar to that of a peaker.

Commercial and Industrial

Drana Beauty advises property developers on all types of advanced and renewable energy development projects. Identifying and appraising suitable sites for development that offer lucrative returns for landowners and investors, providing invaluable distribution of various forms of clean energy.

Our team facilitates the purchase of land on behalf of clients and works quickly to facilitate complex processes, providing landowners with detailed information determining the viability and gains potential of the site.

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